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Sore Breasts as a Sign of Pregnancy

Sore Breasts as a Sign of Pregnancy

Sore breasts before period

Especially during the first months of pregnancy, many women complain about sore breasts and other kinds of pains around this area. The sore breasts causes in these cases are clear, but what about the women that have this problem before being pregnant. In antiquity, those pains were considered as clear signs of pregnancy, but in the modern world where we have good methods and technological discoveries at our disposal to determine that causes of pains, doctors tried to find out why are my breasts sore and what do they mean.

The sore breasts are considered as signs of pregnancy if the disappearance of menstruation usually follows them. The breasts could be bigger, more sensitive to touch and painful. This sign of pregnancy could be misinterpreted. Just because

Sore Breasts as a Sign of Pregnancy
Sore Breasts as a Sign of Pregnancy

you had your period, it does not mean that you are not pregnant. In some cases, a woman could have another period before the total cessation of this process. If you want to know how to know if your pregnant using this calendar method is not that great.

The explanation is simple: while the women’s organism was just releasing the old ovule, preparing the ovulation, the sperm penetrated the growing ovule in the uterus. This is how woman usually have a last period, but they are already pregnant. The birth test is the only reliable method to answer to the question could I be pregnant, but even this method has its “surprises”.

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Women prefer to consider sore breasts as clues for a possible pregnancy. Why does this sensitivity appear? A woman’s breasts are formed of fat, mammary tissue, blood, and glands, and their only purpose is breastfeeding. There are also the nervous terminals responsible for producing pleasure and pain, and those terminations are also changed in the case of pregnancy.

How to interpret pregnancy symptoms

A pregnancy test is the first step you must take to determine the causes of a breast pain. When a woman is in hers early pregnancy, the body, and especially the breasts will start to prepare for the next 9 months. More blood will start flowing in them, and the glands start to grow also, leading to them being swollen and painful breasts. Those sore breasts causes will also be observed during different periods of pregnancy, but it usually disappears after the second semester.

Why are my breasts sore so painful

Even if the sore breasts before period are painful sign of pregnancy, the pains must be bearable. A woman with a normal 3 days cycle and no pains might also bear those periods easily. However, if they are too painful for a long time, it might be other causes.

How to know if your are pregnant and healthy

Many women interpret the sore breast symptoms correctly. Therefore, as soon as they have the answer to the question could I be pregnant and it is a positive one, you can start spreading the good news. However, only a specialist can put this diagnose so you can be 100 percent sure. In some cases, the answer to the question why do my breasts hurt is not pregnancy.

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In the case of many women, they have those symptoms before any period, and sometimes even during the ovulation. This is why those women tend to neglect what are the signs of pregnancy as long as they are used to this pain in their breasts.

What are the breast pain causes if I am not pregnant

The breast problems could be a result of a hormonal disequilibrium or because of changing/stopping/beginning a contraceptive period during the menstrual cycle.

If you feel the signs your pregnant and you want a fast answer, your doctor is the most suited person that can interpret those signs you are pregnant.

Unfortunately, our unhealthy and stressful way of life make the majority of women unaware of those signs, therefore a woman asks “Can I be pregnant?” only in the absence of a period.

Here are some of the most common sign of pregnancy and how can you interpret them:

  • The lack of menstrual cycle is one of the signs that you are pregnant that could have other causes, such as a prolonged period of stress at work.
  • Frequent bladders associated with some sore breasts causes could be signs of pregnancy, but they can also be the sign of a genital disease. But don’t worry! Ask your doctor about the actual causes of this problem and you will probably obtain a comforting answer.
  • If you have a stressful way of life and you are working excessively, than maybe you should not associate being pregnant with the sore breasts before period.
  • Nausea and morning sickness are considered signs of pregnancy. If the sensations are also felt during the day, they might be signs of stress diseases.
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