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Pregnancy Test Evolution

Pregnancy Test Evolution

Early pregnancy tests

So, finally you have planned to try to conceive and the most difficult part that you will have to face is the waiting to conceive. Most women are very curious and do not want to wait for few weeks and this wait is quite enough to frustrate them. Question that arises in this situation is that do you want to wait for two week or few? If your answer is not then Evolution of pregnancy test would be your answer in this case. Today the world is moving towards advance technology and this technology has made it possible for you to detect if you are pregnant. It is now possible to make testing from the

Pregnancy Test Evolution
Pregnancy Test Evolution
convenience of your home even if you have missed periods. When you can check the pregnancy depends upon the type of test that you will adopt to detect your pregnancy.

When a woman gets pregnant, your future baby moves from different phases to become a baby. There are various stages of development from where your baby goes through. Eggs of women and the sperm of men combine together at the time of fertilization in order to develop a zygote. This zygote passes from various divisions and eventually it creates an outer layer of your baby which is known as a trophoblast. The trophoblast will then start secreting hCG in first days of pregnancy. This happens when your future baby implants into uterus. The fertilization and ovulation both appear almost midway through the menstrual cycle of a woman and they remain for 14 to 20 days after the menses start. In case the fertilization happens, the zygote will start travelling towards the fallopian tube to the uterine cavity. After 7 to 9 days of the fertilization, the baby will start implanting into the wall of uterine in deep side. Until then, your baby will not be able to produce the hCG. The time will come when you baby will start developing the hCG and then you would be able to check your pregnancy by using any popular pregnancy test.

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Choosing the best pregnancy test


There are several symptoms occur when a woman get pregnant but the most common symptoms of pregnancy include breast tenderness, moodiness, morning pain, nausea and exhaustion. But not all women show these symptoms, so if you feel that you are pregnant and you are curious to know whether it is true or not, you should go for urine pregnancy test or positive blood test. If you are familiar with your cycle and you have missed one period, then it is the best time to determine you pregnancy. These pregnancy tests can verify that you are a pregnant woman. You may ask: Can pregnancy tests be false positive?. Well, the answer is Yes! Learn more about the reasons of the event.

Which test you will prefer to choose for checking your pregnancy test? The best pregnancy test is the home pregnancy test that can also help you to avoid from getting the negative effects. You can read our objective and independent article about the pregnancy tests comparison in order of their effectivity and sensitivity. Pregnancy tests can determine the hormones present in your urine sample to tell you exactly if you are pregnant or not. They measures the hCG levels present in your system. The hCG is a type of hormone that is found in women who are pregnant. These hormones increase two times after every two days during first days of your pregnancy so that the egg can develop. Each test is capable to detect different levels of the hormones in a pregnant woman. So before picking any best home pregnancy test in first time, you must clearly understand the performance of each pregnancy test evolution.

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Home pregnancy test

Most women when feel that they are pregnant, they choose the home pregnancy in order to determine their pregnancy. So if you think that you are pregnant now and you want to test by yourself at home then use the homemade pregnancy test. You can purchase the pregnancy test kits from drug store without prescription. Purpose of home use kits is to measure the hormones, called as human chorionic gonadotropin in urine. These pregnancy tests show results that are either positive or negative for your pregnancy.

When women think that they are pregnant, initially they want to take this news as private and want quick results so they go for the home pregnancy tests kits. Although the home made tests of pregnancy are not as accurate as the blood tests that are performed by the doctors. In addition to this, they are also not capable to determine if you are developing your new baby as expected.

Pregnancy blood test

Pregnancy blood test can be performed if unintended pregnancy happens because of the failure of the contraception to examine the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). These tests can determine the blood for detecting the hCG hormone.

Doctors perform two types of pregnancy blood test. They can detect hCG hormones quickly as compared to urine or homemade methods. After 10 days of ovulation, these modern pregnancy tests can be used to confirm pregnancy.

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