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Precum Contains Sperm to Cause Pregnancy

Precum Contains Sperm to Cause Pregnancy

Modern view on pregnancy caused by precum

Tens of thousands of teenager girls remain pregnant each year because of lack of sexual education. The situation is worrying as the mass media and the communicational channels today are available for everyone, therefore for a person that stays on Facebook all day long, the justification of not knowing the basic contraceptive methods is embarrassing. One of the most common reasons for this problem is the precum pregnancy, as it is still unclear for those girls if precum can cause pregnancy.

Before establishing the possibilities for a woman to remain pregnant because of precum, it is important to determine what

Precum Contains Sperm to Cause Pregnancy
Precum Contains Sperm to Cause Pregnancy
precum is. The word is not accepted in the Dictionary of English language, but it is a common name given to the small quantity of seminal liquid released by the penis before the actual ejaculation. While in the majority of times, we are only talking about seminal liquid with a reduced or absent quantities of spermatozoids, in some cases, the liquid might contain spermatozoids that are able to fecundate the ovule. Therefore, the “pleasure drop” or precum is the same thing. Now that you know what this is, let’s see if we have an answer to the question can precum get you pregnant.

Can you get pregnant by precum: what you should know

There is a strict connection between pre-ejaculation and pregnancy, and the chances of getting pregnant from precum are greater during the latest years, especially since the potency pills have become common and available for any person that wants them. as we are talking about teenagers, the boys usually don’t feel so confident about their capacity to offer satisfaction to their partners, therefore they will try to “enhance” their potency using pills that can be found everywhere, even on the internet. the respective pills might be effective to offer long lasting erections, but as the penis is in an artificial erection state, the boy can’t control it. therefore, the penis releases important quantities of precum in the vagina, and the partners are not even aware about this phenomenon. Does precum get you pregnant? The answer is definitely Yes, and the chances of getting pregnant are significantly higher if the partner uses such potency enhancers.

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Does precum cause pregnancy: How to protect yourself

Even if the partner ejaculates outside the vagina, this can’t be considered as the safest contraceptive method. It is true that this method lowers the chances of women to get pregnant, but because women think they are protected this way, the precum pregnancy has become a common problem. To be honest, this method should be replaced with one of the modern methods of contraception, like femcap, morning-after pills, or birth control implant (Implanon).

Teenager girls usually trust their partners. After all, we are talking about a charming period when any boy is the center of the universe for a girl. On the other hand, we are talking about some inexperienced partners that can’t really control their ejaculation and the reactions of the body. therefore, as a responsible parent, you should advise your children to use the condom, as a protective measure not only against an unwanted pregnancy, but also against diseases.

Can precum cause pregnancy in case it is released outside

Just like in the case of ejaculation, precum can be released around the vagina (you can learn more about some outercourse positions of sex), and if the woman is ovulating, there are some chances for her to remain pregnant. Even if the boy tries to get the penis outside when he feels the precum coming, the tendency to prolong the moment will probably encourage him to keep the penis inside for as long as possible, and sometimes it might be too late. In any case, the condom will make sure that all those problems are eliminated, and that you can safely have sex without worries that you will remain pregnant.

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In some ancient civilizations, women that were slaves in some aristocratic houses used to “steal” the sperm remained from their masters and to introduce it in the vagina, just to have kids with a noble stature. It was believed that the seed of an aristocrat would allow the woman to give birth to a child of a superior stature. While in the majority of cases, the procedure was useless, some women remained pregnant using this weird procedure. Therefore, the answers to the question can precum get you pregnant is definitely Yes. Moreover you can read the comprehensive article about sperm life span to understand this possibility. In fact, any quantity of sperm reaching the vagina in one way or the other might penetrate the ovule one way or the other.

As we are talking about teenagers and people that want to hide those practices, we can’t find some clear statistics that will answer the question Can you get pregnant by precum accurately. What is important to know is that ejaculating outside the vagina is not a safe method of contraception; therefore you must use other complementary methods if you want to feel completely protected against those problems, and you want to enjoy sex without any worries.

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