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Positive Ovulation Predictor Kit without Ovulation

Positive Ovulation Predictor Kit without Ovulation

There are huge controversies around the ovulation predictor kits and the sides sustaining the effectiveness and the useless of those devices are equal. How is that possible? The signs of ovulation can easily be misinterpreted by woman, and the early pregnancy tests have their flops and cons. It seems like the pregnancy can only be determined by a professional doctor, therefore you should consult him or her if you thing you are pregnant.

The tests are good to give you clues, but as those tests are not able to determine the levels of luteinizing hormone that is

Positive Ovulation Predictor Kit without Ovulation
Positive Ovulation Predictor Kit without Ovulation

maybe the most important clue, they can’t be considered so effective. Especially if you are looking to get pregnant and you are not able to read the physical sings of ovulation, you should use the alternative methods to remain pregnant. The accuracy of ovulation predictor kits could be pretty high, but what if you don’t have ovulation or you are not able to determine its signs?

Before buying the ovulation predictor kit

Women that are trying to conceive will read the basal body temperature as a possible sign of ovulation. It is true that the ovulation could lead to this phenomenon, but it might have other reasons also. The body temperature is growing when the luteinizing hormone (LH) starts to release the cervical mucus. The temperature and cervical, clues are signs that you can start having sexual contacts. The hormone has the role to break the follicle that contains the ovule, so it is released to the uterus. The release of the egg is made in 24 to 48 hours from the first LH release.

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Differences between the home pregnancy test and the ovulation kit

If the ovulation test is positive, you will have to consult your doctor, as value that must be looked in the fertility charting ovulation. The test is based on the deceleration of the LH hormone. As a principle, it is similar to the child birth test. If the rest is positive, you will have two red lines, and if it is negative, you will have a single line.

Usually, this deceleration starts at the middle of a cycle, meaning in the 13th day of a 28 days of regulated cycle. However, how do you need to do in case you don’t have a regulated cycle? In this case, ovulation and prediction is possible, but it is a little more complicated.

If you want to track your ovulation, with an irregular cycle, you should take as a reference the shortest cycle you had during the last year. If this value is 30, you will find the results of the advanced ovulation test made by the doctor in the specialized charts.

How to use the ovulation predictor in case of an irregular cycle

Take the test and open it in the morning of the day that corresponds to the length of your cycle. Some tests must be kept in urine for a few seconds, while others must be kept in the liquid for 3-5 minutes. The fertility monitor has different principles considering the manufacturer; therefore you must read the instructions carefully if you are looking for those results.

Reading the results

While reading the results of an ovulation test is about the same as reading the pregnancy test, using the results in your advantage is the real problem. The test of the luteinizing hormone does not show that the ovulation is sure, it only tells you that is possible to have it within the next 12 hours. You should take advantage of those fertile days if you want to conceive with this method.

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For the women that have a regulated menstrual cycle, the ovulation takes place at approximately 14 days after the beginning of the menstrual cycle, therefore those women might not need the ovulation predictor kits, especially if they are able to read the physical signs of ovulation. Practically, the modern women are not so “punctual”, therefore you should need the modern devices to verify the presence of ovulation, just like you need the early pregnancy tests if you want to see if you are pregnant.

How does the predictor work

The luteinizing hormone starts to produce mucus at the beginning of ovulation, so the role of the best ovulation predictor kit is to determine if this substance is present. However, don’t be cheap with money. Read some ovulation predictor kits reviews if you want to determine the best of them. As said before, the predictors are accurate, but not 100 % safe. In some cases, the women might release a resembling liquid within a few days before the period, and this should not be confounded with ovulation.

It is important to know how to use ovulation predictor kits, and to read their signs. In case the method is not effective, it is important to consult a doctor to teach you how to use the predictors effectively.

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