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How to Tell if You’re Pregnant

How to Tell if You're Pregnant

The mystery of pregnancy

In earlier times, older women could easily tell if a young lady was pregnant simply by observing her tell tale signs. This was even before a woman could know she was indeed pregnant. But times have changed and the old system of joint and extended families has given way to nuclear families where just husband and wife live in a house with no one to help and guide. The place of old aunt or mother and grandmother has been taken over by internet. How to tell if you are pregnant is still possible reading about the signs on the internet or talking to your sister or mom on phone. But how soon can you tell if you are pregnant in this age or living alone and also working in an office?

In this age of birth control, it is sometimes horrible news for a woman if she has become pregnant despite her attempts to

How to Tell if You're Pregnant
How to Tell if You’re Pregnant
prevent pregnancy as she is concentrating on her job and career and also enjoying her sex life. Even during this phase women are alert as they wish to avoid any unwanted pregnancy. The most common symptom of pregnancy is of course a missed period. However, there are women who continued to bleed through their pregnancy and got to know about it late in their pregnancy. If you are one of these women as you suspect you have become pregnant but are still having periods, there are tests to confirm your pregnancy. Morning sickness, tender and sore breasts, fatigue, vomiting etc is other symptoms that let women know they are pregnant. How soon can you tell if you are pregnant is often dependent upon these symptoms and the sooner you start feeling any of these symptoms, the sooner you are in a position to confirm your pregnancy.

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Tender, sore breasts

But if you want to confirm the pregnancy yourself without having to take the confirmatory urine test, it is still possible. How to tell if you are pregnant? Your breasts reveal the truth to you when you stand in front of a mirror naked and touch and feel your breasts. Tender, fuller breasts as if you have ripened and become thick and juicy is a sign of having become pregnant. Of course this is a very subtle feeling that a woman knows only after having become pregnant several times before, but if you pay attention to changes going inside and your body, you can notice starting with changes in your breasts. There are women who say that their breasts become tender during their menstrual cycle also but tenderness and sore breasts during pregnancy are different from what happens during periods.

Unusual cravings

Do you feel repulsed by scenes of violence, blood and gore? The same scenes you were not bothered by earlier now seem abhorring. Do you feel nauseated by the smell of certain things that were normal earlier such as raw meat etc? Have you started to have unusual cravings for food items that you did not earlier even like? How to tell if you are pregnant is simple if you are undergoing such changes. It is pica in pregnancy. In Indian culture, a woman is declared pregnant by older women if she develops a craving for sour pickles. So how soon you can tell if you are pregnant depends upon whether you have started to exhibit these symptoms. How to tell if you are pregnant is easy when you are hungrier than before and feel nauseated unless you have stuffed food inside.

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How to tell you are pregnant? Check on your bathroom going habit. If you are urinating more than normal, you may have conceived. Senses of a pregnant lady are often heightened but rarely noticed by her these days. The sense of taste and smell are in particular sharper than before and if you want to know how to tell if you might be pregnant, just check on these changes in your senses.

Check on your levels of energy

Yes, a pregnant lady feels tired very soon and if you keenly observe, you might find that you need a nap within a few hours of waking up in the morning, so fast is the depletion of energy levels. So if you do not know how you tell if you are pregnant, noticing your energy levels going down may be a good indication. There are also hormonal changes inside the body of a pregnant woman. There are mood swings because of changes in the levels of hormones, and all women go through a period where they try to adjust to changing hormonal levels. Many women have cramps as uterus grows and they also tend to have lower back pains. Darkening of nipples and areolas is also a sign of pregnancy. How to tell when you got pregnant becomes easy with all this knowledge.

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