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How Do You Know if You’re Pregnant

How Do You Know if You're Pregnant

Ooops! Am I pregnant?

Despite the fact that millions of women around the world remain heavily dependent upon birth control pills and other methods of family planning to have freedom of sex and liberty to avoid pregnancy, becoming pregnant is a decision that women take when they feel they are ready to shoulder the responsibility and need a new member in their families.

How Do You Know if You're Pregnant
How Do You Know if You’re Pregnant

Not so long ago, there was this trend of joint and extended families ensuring the presence of older females in the family. These experienced females could tell easily if a woman was pregnant even before she could herself know about this fact. But today, the scene has completely changed with most women living alone with their partners not knowing what to look for if they are pregnant. These women are completely dependent upon their gynecologists and the internet which as emerged as their best source for all the information they need about pregnancy. They are not aware of first signs of pregnancy and early pregnancy symptoms, and you may draw a blank in majority of cases if you ask how to know if you are pregnant.

Missing a period is a sign of conception since ancient times

Missing a period is one sign that most women are aware of as a sign of having conceived. But fortunately, women do not have to wait for long to make sure if they have become pregnant with the help of home pregnancy test that is available in the market. But remember that you should beware of false positive results. What causes the result of a false positive test and how to recognize a false positive? Read more in one of our articles on the above-mentioned theme. How to know you are pregnant is however not that difficult as there are scores of early signs of pregnancy that let a woman know that she has conceived. After all, there was no science to help women in earlier years and yet they could guess correctly upon their conception. Of course the sure shot way of confirming conception is through a pregnancy test. But there are enough early pregnancy symptoms to make a woman aware of the fact.

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Internet has come to the rescue of modern girls

You may be surprised to know that many websites conduct online pregnancy tests to decide on the state of pregnancy of a woman and a woman can know if she is pregnant or not by taking the questionnaire on the site. How to know you are pregnant becomes easy with the help of internet these days. However, it is surprising that a woman may not take

How Do You Know if You're Pregnant
How Do You Know if You’re Pregnant
note of changes taking place in her body, her senses, her likings, and so on, and depend upon outside information to know if she is pregnant or not. If you are not aware of, there is also am I pregnancy quiz telecast on TV for the benefit of first time pregnant women and for those who are planning to conceive.

There are many subtle changes taking place inside the body

If you had unprotected sex with your partner and missed a period, this is certainly a sign of pregnancy but there have been instances when women have continued to have their periods despite having conceived. So a missed period is not a sure shot sign of pregnancy, and you need to confirm the fact with a home pregnancy test to have peace of mind. There are many bodily changes that experienced women having undergone pregnancy earlier are aware of such as tender and sore breasts, nausea, morning sickness, food cravings, abhorrence of certain things, tiredness. These are early pregnancy symptoms that women who have not become pregnant earlier miss and do not notice.

How soon can you know if you are pregnant

This is a question in response to which most women would point out to a missed period after unprotected sex? It tells them something is amiss and they may have conceived. However, after ovulation and fertilization, a woman’s body starts to produce a hormone called hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin. There are pregnancy test kits that check the presence of this hormone in the urine of the woman to confirm the fact of conception. If you have any suspicions about a possible pregnancy just visit the nearest drug store, and buy the most sensitive pregnancy test they have.

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As there are couples who cannot seem to wait for 2 weeks to know if the woman has conceived or not, there are advanced kits available in the market that are more sensitive and can check the minutest levels of hCG in the urine of a pregnant woman. Thus how soon do you know that you are pregnant is a time period that has come down to just a week after unprotected sex with the help of these ultra advance test kits.

If you take note of changes in your body and mood, you can easily detect early pregnancy symptoms to confirm the fact before you even notice the missed period. Sudden tiredness and feeling down after a few hours of getting up in the morning is one of the early signs of pregnancy where a woman feels like taking a nap within a few hours of getting up.

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