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Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Introduction to the problem

The early pregnancy symptoms could be fake alarms, as the symptoms of a pregnancy are different from one woman to the other. However, there are some common early symptoms of pregnancy that usually mean the same thing. Anyway, as soon as you feel those symptoms, it is recommended to take test for pregnancy with high sensitivity or to consult the doctor to determine the causes of those signs.

How soon do pregnancy symptoms start

The symptoms might appear in 24 hours after sexual contact, such as nausea, morning sickness or an increased appetite. It is important for you to know when do pregnancy symptoms start, so you could determine if those are signs and symptoms of pregnancy or only false alarms.

Some women present menstruation over pregnancy. It can be a false alarm. The lack of menstruation can be caused by

Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms
Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

numerous reasons even for women with a regular cycle. For example, massive weight loss during a short period or the beginning of sexual activity after a long period might be the cause. A delayed menstruation can also be caused by other reasons such as tiredness, hormonal problems, stress or modifications in a treatment with other pills and medicines.

Painful breasts

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is painful breasts that could appear one or two weeks after conceiving. The women can observe changes of the form and consistency of the breasts, but this can also be the sign of a hormonal problem caused by birth control pills or because the menstruation is about to start.

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Tiredness is another one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms that can begin since the first week of pregnancy. Other explanations might be stress, depression or other diseases, therefore it is not necessarily a good sign. While this is interpreted by women as one of the early signs of pregnancy, it usually has other causes, therefore you will have to confirm this state using other methods.

Early stages of pregnancy: morning sicknesses

It is one of the most common signs of pregnancy, but they will usually start with the 3rd to 8th week, and by then, you probably already know if you are pregnant or not. As other symptoms might appear earlier, this is not an answer to the question how early can pregnancy symptoms start, therefore you should not take it as a clear sign of pregnancy. Some women are lucky enough not to have those symptoms at all, while others will have this problem for the whole duration of pregnancy. However, morning sicknesses might appear as a result of food poisoning, stress or tiredness.

Headaches and implantation bleeding are the very early pregnancy symptoms. As for headaches it could last for the whole period and implantation bleeding may last from few hours to several days. You can also have this problem because of PMS, or because of stress and back problems. However, renouncing caffeine or black tea could be other reasons for this problem.

Frequent bladders appear between the 6th and 8th of pregnancy, but before considering them as pregnancy signs and symptoms, check if you don’t have an urinary infection, gestational diabetes, or if you are not consuming more liquids than usual because of the hot season.

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What are the symptoms of pregnancy in case you don’t have a regular cycle

There are some chemical pregnancy symptoms that could be misinterpreted. Several diseases can affect the menstrual cycle, and many women, especially the younger ones will interpret them as signs of pregnancy. There is another reason for women to feel those symptoms. For example, if you want a clear answer to the question How soon can you feel pregnancy symptoms, you might need to read a lot about the pregnancy symptoms early signs.

How early can you have pregnancy symptoms: the placebo effect

The early pregnancy symptoms could appear a few hours after intercourse, but younger women might suffer from the placebo effect. Don’t worry, as it is not a disease or something. A woman that had unprotected sex and she is worried about the effects might feel the early symptoms of pregnancy even if they are not present. Those women are asking how soon do pregnancy symptoms start, and as soon as they feel a headache or they are sick in the morning, they will be panicked thinking that they are pregnant. In this case, other symptoms like fever, an increased appetite or frequent bladders might appear. the power of the mind is so strong that some women might even miss a period because of those worries. This is why it is important to know when do pregnancy symptoms start, to understand the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, and as soon as you feel the first symptoms of pregnancy, you should take a test or you should consult with your doctor to determine if those are the earliest pregnancy symptoms or only false alarms. In any case, only a specialized doctor is able to establish the early pregnancy symptoms and to tell you for sure if you are pregnant or not.

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